Good Socks

I was putting away laundry today and thinking mundane thoughts. Among the mundane thoughts, “These socks are the best socks the world has ever seen.”

Now, give me a second to explain:

These are not just any socks. These are the socks I bought before Christmas when Sears told me that if I spent $11.49 more, I could have free shipping (I know, I know, I probably ended up spending an extra $4.00, but it got me $5.99 worth of free socks). I was buying my wife a Christmas present. And I needed comfortable socks.

And now, when I wear those socks, I’m comfortable. They are great. They look like socks, but they feel like a cushion of air. I’m mostly joking, but I have many socks, and none of them compare to these socks. These socks make me genuinely a little bit brighter in the morning.

And the point, dear reader, is that if something so minute as socks can make me a little brighter, then human beings are certainly silly.


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