The most disappointing measurement in the world

I’m back to using My Fitness Pal to try to ensure that I’m eating healthy portions. I’ve been doing okay, but I have a confession:

Prior to this go ’round, there was a certain amount of (insert your favorite: Chip Dip, Salad Dressing, Coffee Cream, Sour Cream) that I had in my head as “roughly two tablespoons.”

And then, as I started to care about what I was eating, I started to actually measure.

And 2 tbsp of anything delicious has got to be the most disappointing measurement in the world. It’s so sad. It’s a tiny little bit.

But it’s good, too. It’s good to know that’s what you’re “supposed” to consume. That’s a suggested serving. So when you gorge yourself on something instead, you’re receiving the nutritional benefit (or excess) of the gorging process.

Still though, two tablespoons. Seriously. Go measure it out. It sucks.


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