Free to a good corporate home

This idea is free to any corporation that wishes to use it. It’s genius. No really, stick with me for a minute.

Today, I went to Sam’s Club. As I walked in, every TV in the place was playing a Disney cover of “Call Me Maybe.” Yep, the dreaded ear-worm. And it occurred to me, there’s a great way for companies to help me get over my annoyance at being bombarded with an ear worm.

Imagine though, if you could get a discount for realizing you were unfairly bombarded with an annoying pop hit?

So here’s how it’d work: you’d have to sign up for the program in advance. They’d have a rolling list of the ear-worm hits they’ll honor the discount. Then, you just have to present your loyalty card at the check-out and name the ear worm they played.

The way I see it, the store then has incentive to not play an annoying pop-hit. And you have an incentive to at least bear with it. And I would’ve gotten a discount at Sam’s Club today, which is what this is really all about.


One thought on “Free to a good corporate home

  1. I would sign up. In fact, I would sign up specifically for that song. According to Merriam Webster Unabridged, Stephen King described earworms like this: “songs that burrow into your head and commence chewing your brains.” Even just reading your post has released this one to chew my brains again!

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