Work Begets Work

file0001781063699If I’m not careful, I’ll start to sound like one of those productivity bloggers. That’s not among my goals in life.

My wife, Rebecca,  pointed out an important life lesson from our kids. It started out when we were at a low point for sleep in our toddler’s life. Rebecca let Grace take a long nap one day. Like, scary long. And I was afraid. “Honey, do you think it’s wise to let her sleep so long during the day? I mean, are we going to wind up regretting it in a few hours?”

And Rebecca said these fateful words: “I don’t know. I think, sometimes, sleep begets sleep.” We started to pay attention, and it certainly seems to be true in our kids lives.

I’m seeing a similar principle at work as I am reordering things and working on focus. Completed work begets more completed work. Delivery begets delivery.

The more I accomplish my goals, the more likely I am to continue to accomplish my goals.

Work begets work.


2 thoughts on “Work Begets Work

  1. Hmm. I guess that could be taken two ways, the other being that the more work you do, the more work there is to do…

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