Driving Force

You get to choose, every day. You get to choose what you’re going to be after. I want to do a better job choosing. When I choose poorly, I don’t choose any less. I just choose stupider.



Death is real. That occurred to me this weekend, while reading about the death of a young (53) radio DJ that we had listened to from time to time.

Death is real. For a believer, it’s not the end, but it is an ending. I’d like to make as much as I can of my time before that ending.

The most disappointing measurement in the world

I’m back to using My Fitness Pal to try to ensure that I’m eating healthy portions. I’ve been doing okay, but I have a confession:

Prior to this go ’round, there was a certain amount of (insert your favorite: Chip Dip, Salad Dressing, Coffee Cream, Sour Cream) that I had in my head as “roughly two tablespoons.”

And then, as I started to care about what I was eating, I started to actually measure.

And 2 tbsp of anything delicious has got to be the most disappointing measurement in the world. It’s so sad. It’s a tiny little bit.

But it’s good, too. It’s good to know that’s what you’re “supposed” to consume. That’s a suggested serving. So when you gorge yourself on something instead, you’re receiving the nutritional benefit (or excess) of the gorging process.

Still though, two tablespoons. Seriously. Go measure it out. It sucks.


I’ve been watching The West Wing. There’s an episode early in season three wherein there’s an argument about a word in the president’s speech. His staff wants him to use the word Torpor. The consultants want him to use an easier word. It’s pretty funny.

Torpor: Apathy, dullness.

That’s what you’ll find in the dictionary, right after a technical, medical definition.

I think on occasion I find myself in a state of torpor. And I want to be the kind of person who fights it with everything in me. Fight Torpor!

On Rain

I love the rain.

Now, I’ll confess to having some depressive tendencies, but my love for the rain isn’t tied up in that. It’s a genuine joy. I love the sound, the visual effect, the way it’s a reminder of God’s grace to everyone. I love the rain.

I love the dark skies, the power they reflect. I love the reality that a little rain is a blessing but a lot of rain is a tragedy. It’s a reminder that moderation is important.

I love the rain. So, next time you’re frustrated by it, remember, some where out there, there are people like me. And we’re all excited to see that rain cloud building in over the horizon.

Credit Markets

I know, I know… these titles keep getting worse.

I’ve been watching mobile phone providers roll out new plans geared around helping people upgrade their phones more frequently. It’s been interesting. It seems like they’re taking what is already a bad deal and making it worse.

The dirty secret of the mobile market is that they work hard to hide exactly what your money is paying for. Your phone? Yeah, some of that is rolled into your monthly payment. How much? They won’t say. But some, for sure. Your service? Yeah, you’re paying for that. Network expansion? Yeah, some of that too.

The thing is, they don’t do it this way in other countries. Well, they do in Canada, but they don’t in Europe or Asia. Over there, you commonly buy your device outright and then pay a much lower monthly cost for service.

The benefit to that is that you know what you’re paying for and when.

It doesn’t work in North America. Why? “Cause, we want stuff we can’t afford. We’re unwilling to wait. So mobile phone providers give us what we want. And we massively overpay for it. But, since we do it in monthly installments, we don’t mind.  That’s dumb.