Routine Noise

Ceiling fans whirring. Clock tick-tocking. My wife’s mouse clicking as she digs her way through Minecraft. (Yeah, some guys dream of what it’d be like to marry someone who games with them. Me, I just went ahead and married that girl. Protip: it rocks.) These are routine sounds that surround me.

I have a drive to control the noise. Whether I blare music or listen to an audio book, I like to drown out the mundane noise.

But there’s a beauty in it, especially if you can get past the human-created noise. Behind it, there are crickets chirping. Loudly. There’s wind through the trees in my neighbourhood. If I wasn’t writing this late at night, there’d be bird calls and cats meowing and dogs chasing the cats. That might be my favorite part.

It’s a good thing to find joy in the routine things around us.


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