On No

Kevin Ashton wrote a brilliant post (over here) about saying no. It has some of the most quotable polite rejections that I’ve ever read.

Here’s a doozy (in response to being invited to participate in a study on creativity)

“One of the secrets of productivity (in which I believe whereas I do not believe in creativity) is to have a VERY BIG waste paper basket to take care of ALL invitations such as yours — productivity in my experience consists of NOT doing anything that helps the work of other people but to spend all one’s time on the work the Good Lord has fitted one to do, and to do well.” – Peter Drucker

Much more than that, though, at the source. Ashton’s main thrust is that we have to say no in order to be able to accomplish the things we want to accomplish. My friend Samuel made the same point about saying no to our kids here.

Sounds like I need to learn to say no.


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