Familiar Rhythms

Now Playing: YouVersion.com, the ESV Study Bible Reading Plan. Getting back on the horse.

When it comes to audio books, I have a lot more success listening to books I’ve read in the past. I’ve only realized this recently, as I’m making my fifth attempt or so at seriously listening to an audio book.

I’m fairly confident that I’m the problem. But I’m noticing that when I’m familiar with an Author’s writing patterns, I can grab hold of what’s going on in the audio much better than when I’m fresh to it.

Is it the author’s rhythm I’m familiar with or the reader’s? Perhaps I succeed best when the reader reads like I hear it in my head. I’d really love to get good at listening passively and being able to benefit from “reading” during some of my monotonous duties. Maybe I hope for too much.

Was this whole post written just so that I could practice typing the word rhythm several times? I’ll confess: my first attempt, I had two ‘y’s in the word. How? Wouldn’t you like to know!



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