There’s a grace

Now Playing: Satellite Soul / Equal to the Fall

There are those who merely listen ’cause they think they cannot sing;
there are those who join the music and they become free – and if your
story doesn’t wind up ending happy after all, there’s a grace that’s
there, it’s everywhere, and it’s equal to the fall…

I was… am still, really… a total sucker for any band that used a Gin Blossoms-esque guitar sound. So, when I found Satellite Soul’s first album back in 1998 or 1999, I was in love. I still am. The song writing is very good too.

This lyric was rolling around in my head tonight. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea that the most important thing about me might not be some arc that I’m creating in my life, but the arc that God is accomplishing in the world. In that arc, maybe I’m a smaller arc, or maybe I’m a point of light. But either way, the big story isn’t my story.

I’m not programmed to believe that, by the way. I’m inclined to think that I’m the most important thing on the earth. While human beings have probably always been inclined that way, I think the 20th/21st Century version is less inhibited in its inclination. Our fathers had bosses; their fathers had “the company”; their fathers had worse, back to when they were indentured servants or slaves. Thery had a clear place in this world based on where and to whom they were born.

Now though, any one can become ridiculously famous by making an idiot of themselves online. (Right, and somehow that is a good thing). We’re addicted to those stories. It’s a subtle shift. We used to love stories of the poor boy pulling the stone out of the sword because of the good things he would do. Now we like the story of the idiot with the video where they did something stupid / illicit / funny. And somehow, people gawking or lusting or laughing at you means you belong. That is belonging?

The Christian story is so much better.

If my story doesn’t wind up ending happy after all, there’s a grace there. That’s a wonderful thing. God is not waiting for my arc to complete; His arc is already in motion, already complete. It doesn’t depend on my ability to accomplish it. It simply is.


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