Sleek Steve

At the office, we play easy listening, lyricless, bad-piano-cover type music all day. I like to imagine what the DJ would sound like if the music was played on a radio station.

In a quiet, almost NPR like voice

Hey folks, Sleek Steve here, bringing you all the best easy listening, all [awkward pause] the [awkward pause] time. That’s right, when you’re looking for the best piano covers of all the hits of the 90s, you tune your dial to me, Sleek Steve, coming to you on 103.3 The Bore. Coming up next, it’s our hourly rendition of My Heart Will Go On, originally sung by Celine Dion for the Titanic Soundtrack. Take special note of the panflute, kids. Superb on this version, really smooth. After that, you’ll hear a calypso take on Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson. If you like what you’ve been hearing so far, you’re going to love that smooth, calypso criminal. For now, here comes the panflute cover of My Heart Will Go On.


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